Vapor Cigarette Cartomizers

One of the most important things that you need to do to truly enjoy your vapor e cigarette is to find the right cartomizer flavor to smoke.  Everything vapor cigarette manufacturer will have at least a tobacco, menthol, and coffee flavored cartomizer.


I should actually explain what a cartomizer is to those of you who are need to using vapor cigarettes.  A cartomizer is the end of the e cigarette.  Its usually a tan color piece and it contains the atomizer and cartridge compartment that holds the nicotine liquid.

The cartomizer either screws or snaps into the e battery.  When you use your vapor cig, the battery heats up the atomizer and it vaporizes the liquid in the cartridge to create the smokeless vapor that your body inhales to deliver you nicotine.

The nicotine cartomizer usually come in three different nicotine levels.  Some e cigarette companies will have a fourth level but generally a low, medium, and high nicotine level is all that is available.

One cartomizer is usually equal to one pack of cigarette.  It might be less or more depending on your smoking style.

Are vapor e cigarettes the same as e cigs ?

Today we are going to explain to people what the difference between a vapor e cigarette and a e cig.  The fact of the matter is that they are the same thing.  Vapor e cigarettes got their name because when you puff on a e cigarette, a sensor in the batter recognizes the air pressure and trigger a heating element that vaporizes the nicotine solutions and create a water vapor that resembles smoke.

So when you use a e cig, you aren’t really smoking cause not tar is burn.  No match is lite and nothing is burn and there is no smoke.  The smoke that is actually generate by an e cigarette is a water vapor.  It is odorless and does not have many of the negative attributes as cigarette smoke.

Because the nicotine solution is vaporizes and the smoke like cloud that is create is a water vapor, some people calling smoking with a e cigarette vaporing.  Hence, you get vapor e cigarettes.

Trust me it is the same thing.  It just a play on words or however else you want to call it.  So don’t worry if you hear someone referring to e cig as a vapor cig.  They are the same thing.